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Real Time Customization

Real Time Customization

The Cards-Stationery customization system is simply unique. For the first time in Europe, you will be enabled to fully personalize your card in real time, with a live view on all the changes you will perform on your favorite model. Hence, there is no need to travel back and forth to your local printer. The result is visible prior to the validation of your order. We have fully thought through this customization system so that its use will simple, intuitive and borderless. Simple, as its use will be accessible to the perfect computer geek, as well as to his grandmother. Intuitive, as there will be no 500-page manual to read. Borderless, as there will be no limits but those of your own creativity.

Plainly, it will be possible to modify all the areas rounded in green on each card by adding your own text and your favorite pictures. You will be able to change text and enhance picture at will with a click and you may add effects to your photos (Black & White and Sépia). Finally, you may zoom, rotate and move anything you and in the green rounded zone.

To ensure a perfect customization and to help you with anything you might inquire, we remain available through the chat interface at the bottom right of your page. It will be our pleasure to provide you with guidance so you may share your happiness with your friends...