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Cheap birth announcement cards, christening invitations

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Delivery, delivery fees and delivery time

fast urgent delivery for cards ensures delivery of your cards all around the world*. Every package is protected against any damage it might incur during tansportation. This package includes your customised cards, their fitting enveloppes and a surprise gift.

* Except the Amundsen-Scott research station, located about 200 meters from the South Pole for obvious ecological reasons...

Delivery within Europe

Delivery is free of charge in all European Union countries for all standard packages (including Switzerland). An optional additionnal fee of EUR 9,- is necessary to ensure that your package is sent in priority. This will enable a to follow-up of your package online. As mentionned, each despatch includes a special gift that will surprise everybody... So don't be surprised!

International Delivery

For delivery outside the EU, despatch fees will depend on the priority level of your package. A standard international delivery will amount to EUR 16,- while a full priority delivery will be valued at EUR 39,- including the online follow-up option.

Delivery Time

All packages are prepared and are ready to be sent within 2 business days maximum. Most packages are sent the very day of their order and delivered directly to your home address. Delivery time depends on country of delivery. They may also depend on our external services providers, the Belgian Postal Service for standard despatches, and TaxiPost TMS for priority packages. Routinely, one to four days are usually required for a standard delivery within the European Union. A priority delivery, while enabling you to follow-up your package online, will also shorten the delivery time down to a maximum of three days in EU, and down to a maximum of 7 days for International deliveries outside the European Union Community.


Your precious cards are protected by a specially designed packaging system in order to prevent any harm to your despatches. commits to do its utmost to ensure by thourough preparation a flawless delivery. However, if any damage was noticed on the package, please refer this to the delivery company immediately. This will hasten the refund process and will enable us to re-send your package forthwith. Nevertheless, no change will be allowed in the previous order.

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