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Cheap birth announcement cards, christening invitations

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Quality / Price

Quality / Price on Cards-Stationery wants you to get rid of all hidden expenses, mandatory options and all other unforeseen payments. That’s why we will always provide you with one complete, understandable and totally clear package.

A clear price at last

The price is always indicated in the card description. It will decrease heavily with the amount of cards you order. As an example, you will pay far less per card if you order 50 cards instead of 50. So the more friends you have, the better price you get…

Contrary to our competitors, we charge no printing fees and we accept any order superior to 25 items. You will always pay the indicated price, nothing more, and nothing less. One cannot be any clearer!

The customization of your cards is absolutely free. You will not pay any extra fee to add pictures or texts to your cards.

You will benefit from free standard delivery in Europe, whatever your order may be. If you are more a last-minute customer and your party is for tomorrow, we can always hasten your delivery for a little extra. Envelopes are also included free in your delivery, so that you may be able to send immediately much awaited cards to your much awaiting friends and family. Extra cards are added to your order… We never know what might happen and one should always be ready for the unexpected.

In brief